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<Pre-order> Antique Stationary Organizer Furniture

<Pre-order> Antique Stationary Organizer Furniture


Korean Antique Stationary Organizer Furniture has three general drawers, two secret drawers, and two bookshelves.


Traditional Korean antique furniture has been loved by Koreans for a long time, and it is a furniture that does not change and gives comfort even after a long time. It goes well with anywhere and uses the finest natural trees, making it more stylish over time.


Since all of these furniture are done manually, the texture and color of the furniture may differ from the picture depending on the product.

Size: 670cm x 340cm x 800cm

Color : Brown

Wood: Paulownia, Pine, Synthetic wood.

*There may be a slight size difference.

*This furniture can be separated into three.


C* Depending on the user's monitor, there may be differences in product color.
* All products are produced manually, and due to the nature of handicrafts, products cannot be exchanged/refunded due to scratches and stains, not defects in product use.
This is a feature of hand-made handicrafts, and if you need an exchange or refund, please contact us by message.



Consultation and inquiry.


Contact information: +65 8031 0554

Available time for consultation : Monday - Friday 



Delivery information.


All Korean luxury furniture is delivered by air freight, the fastest and safest way from Korea to Singapore.



Art craft introduces the works of various Korean artists based on Korean tradition. Please note that there may be differences in color and size as most products are done manually.

The delivery period takes about 2 weeks after the order is confirmed. Most of the works are produced after ordering, so please understand that it takes time.

If there's no problem with the product after ordering, you can't exchange or refund it.


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