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Soup Bowl Set / Korean Brass Tableware

Soup Bowl Set / Korean Brass Tableware


Brass Sup Bowl With Lid

Size : 17.8cm x 7cm


The traditional Korean brass tableware which has been used for a long time from ancient times to modern times, enhances the value of the table.

It is a high-quality brass bowl made of 78% of the finest copper and 22% of tin.

Brass bowls fight off various bacteria and viruses such as food poisoning bacteria with their own sterilization power.
It protects people from environmental pollution.
Also, brassware protects you from various harmful substances and protects your health. 

Warm food gets warmer.
Cold food makes it colder.
It makes the food taste better.

Do you want to protect your family's health?
Do you want your food to be more delicious?
For your beloved family, use a brass tableware right now.


How to use and store it
Organic, a traditional Korean tableware, is a product produced and certified only in Korea and has excellent quality. 
If lukewarm water and vinegar are soaked for about 30 minutes at first use, the time to tame the organic matter will be shortened and the color will turn gold.
Make sure to wipe with a dry towel for the first month after washing.
Due to the nature of organic materials, it is common to turn dark golden after 2-3 months.
If you have a stain, rub it in one direction with a sponge to return to its original color. 
Organic products should be prohibited from being used in dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, etc.


Delivery Information

Please note that there may be differences in color and size as most products are done manually.

The delivery period takes about 2 weeks after the order is confirmed. Most of the works are produced after ordering, so please understand that it takes time.


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