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<Pre-order>Yellow Saekdong and Green Skirt Hanbok

<Pre-order>Yellow Saekdong and Green Skirt Hanbok


This hanbok is a very pretty and cute girl's hanbok.

It is a traditional Korean style with Saekdong Hanbok made of yellow saekdong jeogori and green skirt. Baby hanboks are all pretty and cute, but Korean mothers prefer Saekdong hanbok the most.


You'll probably be surprised because it's so pretty when you dress the baby. 

It is a luxurious Korean traditional hanbok made of luxurious fabric.

Your baby's special day will make it even more special.


This is the size of a one-year-old child.
There are various sizes from 1 to 8 years old, and $3 is added for each size, so please contact us first for sizes over 2 years old.
There are also hats that go well with hanbok.


Accessories other than hanbok are sold separately.



Jeogori  + Skirt + Cancan




Water silk



Washing method:


A light hand wash.

Ironing at a low temperature with a cloth.

No washing machine, no twisting, no dryer.

* We don't recommend dry cleaning because of gold/silver foil damage.



Please order traditional hanbok according to your height.

Please refer to the size table below.




Girl's Size Chart


1 year old : 80cm ~ 85cm height

2 years old : 85cm ~ 90cm height

3 years old : 90cm ~ 95cm height

4 years old : 100cm ~ 105cm height

5 years old : 105cm ~ 110cm height

6 years old : 110cm ~ 115cm height

7 years old : 115cm ~ 120cm height

8 years old : 125cm ~ 130cm height

9/10 years old : 125cm ~ 135cm height



Delivery information.


Please note that there may be differences in color and size as most products are done manually.

The delivery period takes about 2 to 4 weeks after the order is confirmed. Most of the works are produced after ordering, so please understand that it takes time.

If there's no problem with the product after ordering, you can't exchange or refund it.

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